About Us

QSi Holding Limited provides Smart Media and Digital Need-Based-Media solutions, both in-door and out-door, to airports, malls, train stations, hotels, shopping malls and other public locations.

QSi Holding Limited is a media technology company that is based in Hong Kong S.A.R. (with business registration number 39130949). The company emerged in 2008 as the result of a joint venture between Querendo Limited from Hong Kong and System Integration Air Traffic Management AB (also known as Si ATM) from Sweden.

Querendo was founded in Amsterdam in The Netherlands in 1999. The company initially developed media software for various clients throughout the Netherlands. In 2007 the company relocated to Hong Kong and shifted its focus to the development of media solutions on the internet and in public information systems.

Si ATM was founded in Sweden in 1981 and is a renowned supplier of Air Traffic Management and Control systems. Their product portfolio consists of various operational products and simulation systems and they have several reference case installations at airports and air traffic control centers around the world.

The two companies together host a wide range of expertise from different disciplines and their combined knowledge and experience enables QSi Holding Limited to be competitive in markets that are both complex and dynamic. QSi have currently developed products supporting its media vision:

  1. Information Systems for Travelling Passengers
  2. Smart Media for Tailored Commercial Messaging
  3. Need-Based-Media for Effective Exposure

For more information about our products visit our product and services pages or contact us on +852 8191 5400.