DA4FID in Batam Hang Nadim Airport Now Operational

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2012-001 DU-QSi Press Release – Batam DA4FID

DA4FID in Batam Hang Nadim Airport Now Operational
DA4FID, Digital Advertisement for Flight Information Displays, is since 3 February 2012 in live operations on all displays in Batam Hang Nadim Airport. After extensive testing of the hard- and software and the accurate presentation of dynamic flight data on the displays, green light was given by the management of Batam Hang Nadim Airport.

The DA4FID software combines flight information with digital advertisement. Installation in Batam is the major first step in a strategy to expand DA4FID installations throughout Indonesian airports over the coming years.

The medium DA4FID enables digital advertisement videos or graphics on almost 70% of the 46 inch size displays. Local, national and international advertisers can utilize the medium for their marketing purposes.

Batam Hang Nadim Airport is a medium size airport with on average 3,700 passengers per day, or over 1,4 million passengers. In total fifty-three displays are installed throughout the departure entrance and check-in hall in ground floor, shopping area and waiting rooms in the upper floor, as well as in the luggage hall and arrival area on ground floor.

With this first DA4FID installation, QSi Holding introduces its third product launch since the start in 2008 of The Terminal as indoor hospitality operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and DA4RID in 2009 in Jakarta Kota train station, Indonesia. With an average efficiency of more than 80%, the DA4FID medium is becoming an attractive digital innovation for advertisers who aim to launch large scale campaigns to a broad spectrum of demographical groups.

QSi Holding Limited together with partner PT. Delphi Utama prepare for further DA4FID expansion in Indonesia airports to achieve coverage of more than 20 million annual airline passengers in the coming years.

The product name DA4FID stands for Digital Advertising for Flight Information Displays. DA4FID is a hybrid system that combines the concept of digital advertising with the service of providing airline passengers with accurate flight information. The system provides dynamic flight services and can be installed either as an add-on to the existing Flight Information Display System (FIDS) or as a stand-alone product.

DU-QSi Indonesia
PT. Delphi Utama (DU) and QSi Holding Limited (QSi) entered into a long term partnership in February 2009, with the purpose to promote QSi media products throughout Indonesia. Together DU and QSi combine the highest technical quality with installation capacity and state of the art software. This combination of skills guarantees property owners and media buyers the quality exposure that boosts their effectiveness and image. For more information please visit the website www.du-qsi.com.

QSi Holding Limited
QSi Holding Limited is a media technology company that is based in Hong Kong S.A.R. The company emerged in 2008 as the result of a joint venture between Querendo Limited from Hong Kong and System Integration Air Traffic Management AB (also known as Si ATM) from Sweden.

The two companies Querendo and Si ATM together host a wide range of expertise from different disciplines and their combined knowledge and experience enables QSi to be competitive in markets that are both complex and dynamic. QSi have currently developed four main products:

• DA4FID – Digital Advertising for Flight Information Displays (out-door)
• DA4RID – Digital Advertising for Railway Information Displays (out-door)
• The Terminal – Digital Advertising for Hospitality Sector (in & out-door)
• The Central – Digital Advertising for Shopping Malls (out-door)

For more information please visit the website www.qsi-holding.com.

PT. Delphi Utama
PT. Delphi Utama is the legal representative and partner of QSi Holding Limited in Indonesia since February 2009. The Indonesian company started its operation in 1975 as supply and installation of security, laboratory, electronics, and telecommunication equipment. In 2009 it expanded its business into media solutions to respond to growing market opportunity. For more information visit the website www.delphiutama.com.

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