Need Based Media


Need-Based-Media is the combination of information with Media Messages, either social or commercial advertisement. While the audience is in need for information, he will be exposed to the media message.

How it works
QSi developed an integrated media management system to support dynamic flight or train schedule management for the transportation purposes, informing the audience about their journey. At the same time, media messages are presented in standard or time-exclusive frequencies, depending on the venue.

Media Effectivity
Need-based-media is proven to provide more effective exposure than digital signage products, as the interest of the audience is higher and the positioning of the media systems is more in flow of the people throughout the venue, e.g. airport or railway station.

Furthermore an Arbitron Study on Airport Advertisement shows that 58% of all airline passengers and 68% of frequent flyers recall noticing a traditional advertising display at airports. With Need-Based-Media this percentage is approaching 100% at airports, where repetitive inspection of the flight information displays is required for gate and flight status update, and above 70% for railway
stations for inspection of the train schedule and status.

This QSi product is integrated with mobile engagement product EZDiskon, which enables commercial advertising companies to engage viewers of the Need-Based-Media to obtain any advertised discount in the nearest store. The QSi Da4FID or DA4RID products can be provided with interfacing to a Public Announcement System (PA), in order to enhance the airports capability to reach out to passengers, the end user of the flight information.

DA4FID Batam Hang Nadim Airport
One Need-Based-Media installation is operational in Hang Nadim airport Batam, Indonesia. Digital Advertisement for Flight Information Displays, or DA4FID, aims to provide flight information combined with media advertisement, enabling the airport authority to make revenues from selling advertisement space.

QSi Holding subsidiary DUQSi Indonesia has installed this airport reference in 2012. At this medium size airport annually five million passengers are handled, who are served with flight information through 53 displays in departure hall, check-in desks, gates, luggage belts and arrival hall.

The FIDS system is operated by airport officials, making entries into the database which appear on the displays real time. The
system is remotely monitored by DUQSi Indonesia Media Management System, whilst on site maintenance is available for rapid trouble shooting.

DA4RID Java Railway Stations
In Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and other large cities, DUQSi Indonesia operates more than 20 railway station DA4RID
installations, or Digital Advertisement for Railway Information Displays. More than 220 Million passengers are exposed to these Need-Based-Media display, reaching out to a growing audience.

  • High Definition (HD)
  • Maintenance support
  • System monitoring
  • Up-time guarantee
  • Media Management System