Products & Services

QSi focuses on providing digital need based media solutions. Currently QSi have four product lines available:

  • for Airports
    • DA4FID – Digital Advertisement on Flight Information Displays
    • QSi FIDS – Flight Information Display System
  • for Railway Stations
    • DA4RID – Digital Advertisement on Rail Information Displays
  • for Hospitality
    • The Terminal
  • for Malls and Public Places
    • The Central – passive media displays for advertisement
    • QSi WayFinder – interactive media for map directory routing and advertisement

We are focusing our efforts to continuously improving our products and services to meet the needs of the advertisers, service providers, venue holders and the individual users of our systems.

Why use our services and products?

Our services are not only targeted to the advertisers but also towards the venue owners. Our products suits a wide range of venues, from hospitality to transport sector.

For the advertiser


Studies show that 58% of all airline passengers and 68% of frequent flyers recall noticing a traditional advertising display at airports. Our solution aims to integrate digital advertising into information displays which increases this awareness to more than 90%, since every passenger needs to view the displays in order to get up-to-date information about their flight or train status.

DA4FID, DA4RID, The Central and QSi WayFinder are therefore excellent marketing hotspots located in prime locations for potential advertisers. Similarly, The Terminal, which is available in luxury hotels and serviced apartments, also provides a digital need-based-media solution that guarantees effective exposure.


Our products offer solutions for both mass consumer advertising as well as a more targeted high-end audience while providing best value for the service. They enable advertisers to build their brand and guarantee a reach to either a mass consumer or more quintessential target audience.


We focus on services and media solutions for travellers as well as a shopping audience, activities which often coincide while waiting for a train or flight. A target audience of high net worth individuals can be reached with DA4FID, QSi WayFinder, The Central and The Terminal, whereas DA4RID is a perfect solution for reaching the mass consumer market. The Central is a product that can be combined with the three other products or delivered stand alone to venues like shopping malls. Each solution delivers Effective Exposure and hence the return on investment (ROI) that advertisers aim for.

For the Service Provider & Traveller


All our products enable service providers in the public transportation and hospitality sectors to provide real-time information to travellers. Time schedules, currency exchange rates, world time, personalized greetings, public messaging and weather information are only a few examples.


Our products can replace existing FIDS or RIDS systems or be complementary with additional functions or features that extend the information services provided by an airport, railway operator or hotel. Our services run on servers within a secure network and are therefore a perfect fallback for existing systems ensuring 24/7 uptime for service providers and travellers. We are proud to demonstrate a minimum 98% uptime performance over many years.


Accurate real-time information that is accessible on your room or conveniently located at hotspots around an airport, metro or railway station, may be the key to creating a profitable situation. Information about delayed flights enables hotel guests to enjoy the comfort of the hotel rather than being stranded at an airport. Likewise, accurate departure information at an airport, metro or railway station enables travellers to continue shopping and dining rather than sitting idle while waiting for their departure.


Some of our products and services are available for free! All we need is access to existing display hardware, a power source and an active internet connection within a secure network. Subsequently, our revenues are generated from the sales of advertising shown by means of our products.