DA4RID™ for Railway Stations

The product name DA4RID stands for Digital Advertising for Railway Information Displays. DA4RID is a hybrid system that combines the concept of digital advertising with the service of providing railway passengers with accurate train information.

Digital Need-Based-Media on railway stations is expected to achieve an Effective Exposure to train passengers of more than 50%. This high effectiveness is due to the need for passengers or their pick-up relatives to verify their train information on Entrance displays, Ticket Counter displays, and Waiting Room displays.

DA4RID™ is currently installed in Jakarta Kota and Gambir and Bogor railway stations, where in total more 26 displays are operational since September 2009. It is expected that more installations for new Jakarta and Java railway stations will be achieved in 2012.

The system is included in our railway service and delivered either as an add-on to the existing Railway Information Display System (RIDS) or as a stand-alone product. Hardware can be but does not need to be replaced since the system can use the existing displays. Similar to DA4FID, the system includes a powerful advertising client for media sales and, if the system is delivered as an add-on, servers that add redundancy to the existing RIDS servers are provided as part of the service.


Digital Advertisement for Railway Information Display Suited for: Railway Stations, Metro/Subway Stations, Tram/Bus Stations
Media Types: Public Displays, Digital Signage & Internet