Smart Media

MMS-QSi-leaflet-2015 (PDF)

The QSi Media Management System (MMS) is a media built to provide smart media solutions through integration of all our QSi products and 3rd party technology.

How it works
Many media solutions offer single or specialized capabilities to enhance media sales and demographic tracking. Although offering a good capabilities it does not unleash the benefits that can be generated by combining technologies and creating a rule engine to provide the
right media to the right target audience in the right time. QSi Media Manager provides a media management system that can combine technologies and create new business rules based on data from different subsystems. The MMS has main functions The Media Scheduler; The Media Selector and the The Media Auto-compensation function.

Smart Media Integration Concept


Media Portal
The MMS has a client interface called the Media Portal. Here clients can book, track and review commercial media campaigns. Media buyers can upload content and monitor status of their campaigns through a secured account. They can view detailed statistics of the campaigns and performance reports such as lost airtime and compensated airtime during a campaign.

Media Operators
The MMS integrates output from various administrative external operators that have a separate interface with limited capability, for the purpose of content modification and system monitoring. QSi Moderators always monitor and verify external content to mitigate against violation of media rules.

Main Functions

  • Media Scheduling
  • Client Billing
  • Demand-Capacity Volume
  • Campaign Reporting
  • System Performance Monitoring
  • People Flow Tracking
  • Smart Media

Architecture MMS

Smart Media Functions

  1. The media scheduler that can slot campaigns into periodic or time exclusive media campaigns.
  2. The Media Selector is the rule based engine that gathers information from various subsystems and then through business logic select which media file is best suited for a certain display.
  3. Our Auto-Compensation feature enable media buyers to get a guaranteed amount of views. Many times system failures result in lost “air-time”. Our display monitoring system detects any downtime.