The Central for Malls & Public Places

The Central is a “Self Service Kiosk” solution to be placed at strategically selected public locations. The Central is primarily targeted towards shopping malls and tourist venues but can also be a complement to existing Terminal, DA4RID and DA4FID installations at hotels, train stations and airports.

How it works…

The Central provides “users” with different information services that varies depending on the venue and location. The common denominator is the need based venue information provided to the public. Primarily:

  1. Map service with search function; i.e. the user can retrieve information about the directions from the Central kiosk location to a specific location at the venue (e.g. location of a store, restaurant, toilettes etc).
  2. Event Service; i.e. the user can get information of upcoming events at the venue.
  3. Promotion service; i.e. the user can retrieve promotional information uploaded by shops and restaurants.

There are many variations of optional services and they are selected to fit the venue the Central is located in. Below is a few examples of optional services…

  • Latest Movies: Movie trailers (for the latest movies).
  • Latest Tunes; Top 10 music list etc.
  • Weather updates;
  • Currency information
  • Train Times
  • Flight Times
  • And more…

The Central map The Central movie