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QSi Holding Limited provides Smart Media and Need-Based-Media solutions to Airports, Malls, Train stations, hotels, and other public locations. Our business areas focus on South and South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Read more

Smart Media

QSi Smart Media is an integration platform that can generate media to a targeted audience on a periodic or time exclusive basis. QSi Smart Media is based around an advanced Media Management System that integrates people tracking, gathers demographic data, selects appropriate media messages, and distributes these in real-time through available media channels. QSi Smart Media also provides necessary business intelligence and reporting features to enable increased media efficiency and operational improvements.

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QSi WayFinder

QSi WayFinder provides location and route information about facilities or shops inside a large venue, in a interactive and user friendly way.

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Digital Need-Based-Media

Need-based-media is proven to provide more effective exposure than digital signage products, as the interest of the audience is higher and the positioning of the media systems is more in flow of the people throughout the venue, e.g. airport or railway station.

Furthermore an Arbitron Study on Airport Advertisement shows that 58% of all airline passengers and 68% of frequent flyers recall noticing a traditional advertising display at airports. With Need-Based-Media this percentage is approaching 100% at airports, where repetitive inspection of the flight information displays is required for gate and flight status update, and above 70% for railway stations for inspection of the train schedule and status.

Our DA4-Services

QSi Holding has Digital Advertisement (DA4) Out-Of-Home (OOH) services available for the public transportation, malls and public places, and hospitality sector: DA4FID, DA4RID, and The Central.

What these products have in common is that they offer digital need-based-media solutions with a low Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impressions compared to other digital signage media.

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  • Brochures for Download

    QSi presents its new Brochure set for download. Please find them here. The brochures contain the new vision for Smart Media in public venues, such as Airport, Mall, Rail Station.

  • QSi to present Smart Media in Dubai Airport Show 2015

    QSi will be present in the Dubai Airport Show 2015, stand 7400. QSi aims to expand its business to the United Arab Emirates. For that purpose QSi has found its local partner in Bayanat Airport Engineering. The new Smart Media concept will be demonstrated in the Bayanat Airport Engineering stand.

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